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astrology, tarot, energy healing, past life
Readings: 2483
Joined: 2020
I'm an astrologer specializing in transits and important cycles, compatibility, and life purpose readings. I'm also a reiki master and tarot reader, using my intuitive gifts to help you navigate life's...
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psychic, energy healing, past life
Readings: 4979
Joined: 2020
I'm Penélope, I am a clairvoyant psychic healing artist. My readings help you receive clarity, clear stagnant energy, and get your energy in movement! I've been highly psychic my entire life....
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psychic, energy healing
Readings: 463
Joined: 2022
Psychic and Energy Healer from Brazil. I'm here to shine a light on your path and offer you the highest guidance to clear doubts from your mind and blockages from your...
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What people are saying
Our community knows that our best-in-class experts are here to help, with incredible value and accuracy.
Our community knows that our best-in-class experts are here to help,
with incredible value and accuracy.
Caroline says
I've recommended it to so many friends and coworkers who express interest in astrology. I have nothing but nice things to say. 10/10 recommend.
Grace says
use Sanctuary on the daily for my horoscope and I love that they have an overview of transits that are affecting everyone (this is super helpful).
Kendall says
Sanctuary truly makes my day with their tarot, astrology readings and astrological wisdom.

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