Nervous in the spotlight? As the moon and Chiron clash, you feel exposed! You worry others see your flaws. Your missteps aren’t as visible as you think. You’re your own worst critic. Others are probably too preoccupied with their own insecurities to notice your mistakes.


Afraid to get your hopes up? As the moon clashes with Chiron, you have difficulty believing life can look different. Don’t talk yourself down before giving this experience a chance. Dare to have faith! You must clear today’s hang-up to repair trust in your intuition.


Resisting opening up? Alliances are triggering as the moon and Chiron clash. Old trust wounds are slow to heal. You’ve learned the warning signs of fair-weather friendships, so history doesn’t have to repeat! Approach this situation differently. Set boundaries instead of building walls.


As the moon and Chiron clash, you wish someone else would make the hard decisions for you. Compromising away your vote will just leave you feeling powerless – and resentful! If you want desired results, take a risk and advocate for yourself.


Negative thought loops get you down as the moon and Chiron clash. Quit giving pessimistic beliefs your energy! “Fake it 'til you make it” doesn’t always do the trick, but today this mantra delivers an attitude adjustment. You have more options than you think.


The moon’s clash with Chiron triggers a reminder of a deep romantic wound. You need to release the past. Why hold on to old hurts? Sometimes pain can be comforting and familiar. A reminder that we are alive. However, letting it go creates space to make new, happier memories.


Keeping someone at a distance? Insecurities stir up uncomfortable moments in relationships as the moon and wound-healer Chiron clash. When you assume old romantic issues will play out with new partners, everyone loses. Be mindful not to punish someone who hasn't wronged you.


Stressed out? The moon’s clash with Chiron has your anxieties peaking. Events or discussions trigger insecurities regarding your productivity. In the past, others’ judgment knocked you off your game. You became afraid to fail. Today, tune out negative criticism. The only way you can really “fail” is if you don’t try.


Negotiating an ego wound? Your inner child needs some extra TLC as the moon clashes with Chiron. Give yourself room to play without wondering whether or not it’s “sensible”. Worry less about having "enough” and more about having fun!


A past narrative must be challenged today to find your present purpose as the moon and Chiron clash. Have patience with yourself as you unpack an old wound. Revisiting these memories can make you emotional. Better to face the insecurity than to repress it.


Stressful discussions? The moon’s clash with Chiron triggers memories of saying the wrong thing - and regretting it! Trust your intuition in this case. You know the damage flippant words can do. You won’t make the same mistake. But something MUST be said today for another’s good.


Wondering what others think? The moon’s clash with Chiron creates a crisis of confidence. You crave outside support. Needing to lean on a friend is one thing. Requiring their validation to make decisions is another. Consider how setting boundaries can shore up your sense of self-worth.


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