Are there free features in the app?

Yes! You get your daily sun & rising horoscopes, monthly horoscopes for each sign, and your complete planetary profile. You also get a daily free tarot pull as part of your horoscope. Plus, our entire library of learning material is available for free in the Guides section of the app. The only things we charge for are the reading services, but there are tons of things to explore in the app for free!

I'm getting a retrograde error when I try to use the app. What can I do?

Make sure you have the latest version of the app for the best service and performance. We fix any small bugs with every update, and we’re always working on improving the app for the best experience possible. If you’re having trouble seeing your credits, you can try using the "Restore Purchases" button, found in the Reading tab in the app. If that doesn’t work, we recommend deleting the app and reinstalling it fresh.
If you’re still encountering errors or unable to use your credit after using these steps, email us at help@sanctuaryworld.co and we can help you troubleshoot further.

Your Readings

I want to get a reading but I don’t know what to ask!

Our readings are flexible and totally guided by you. If you need some help narrowing down your options you have a few tools! First, you can set a topic at the beginning of your reading from a list of common topics, like love, or career. Once you’re in the reading, you can ask your reader for some insight on a specific situation in your life that you’re dealing with, and they can tell you how your chart, energy, or cards can reveal more insight or help you navigate your path through it.

What can't a reading be used for?

Please note that our readings are meant to provide tools for self-reflection. Our services are not meant to predict the future. Sanctuary’s readings are for entertainment purposes and do not purport to predict future events.

What do I need for my reading?

Before we connect you with a reader, you’ll be asked to confirm your birth details, and you’ll have the option to choose a topic. From there, you’ll enter a chat room and your reader will pop in when they’re available, which is usually immediately. They’ll say hi, pull up your information on their screen, and you can start asking questions. It’s always a good idea to let them know if it’s your first reading (or if you’ve done this before) so they can give you a reading tailored to your comfort level with astrology, psychic, or tarot readings.

What happens when I buy a reading?

The newest update to the Sanctuary app is that you can choose any reader that’s online for a reading. Some readers offer multiple kinds of readings, and some have a single specialty. Choose the reader that resonates with you, then select your type of reading. You’ll be prompted to choose a reading length and purchase a credit for that reading.

Once you choose your preferred reader, the kind of reading you’d like to have, and the length of your reading, you’ll confirm the charge with the app, using your credit card, Apple Pay, or Google App Payment. If the payment is successful, you’ll receive a credit that can be used anytime in the next 30 days. (You don’t have to use it immediately!)

You’ll receive a pop-up letting you know what you need for a reading, including a strong wi-fi or data connection. If you want to wait for any reason, you can exit the reading screen at this point and your credit will be automatically saved for you to use later.

What if I’m not ready to get my reading right away?

Whenever you decide to get your reading, you can click on the “Readings” tab in the app to choose a reader. Online readers will appear at the top and display an “online” status”. If you have applicable credit already purchased, it will display on the reader’s profile when you open their full profile view. To use your credit, it must be the same type of reading and price per minute. Clicking on this will take you into your reading, and you’ll be able to continue.

What if my reader isn’t available immediately?

If your preferred reader isn’t available and is offline, you can favorite the reader and check in when they are available.

If your preferred reader is currently in a reading, you can purchase a reading with them . Once you do, you can either save your credit until you’re ready to use it, or wait in that reader’s queue and they will start your reading as soon as they become available.

I’m waiting in the queue - What now?

Your reader will be with you as soon as they can! You’ll be notified each time you move up in the queue, and when your reader becomes available. To receive this notification, make sure you turn your push notifications on in the Sanctuary app profile settings. If your reader isn't able to pick up your request within a few minutes, any time you wait for your reading to start will not count towards your reading time. Your conversation will begin as soon as the reader is free to chat.

Make sure not to close the app while you wait. You can however check out your other apps and even lock your phone while you wait. You'll be notified with a push notification as soon your reader becomes available to chat, and you'll be able to start your reading. You can also leave the app before your reading starts without losing your purchase credit to try again at a later time if you prefer.

I haven’t been able to get my reading yet, because all the readers are busy with other readings. What can I do?

We're sorry you haven't been able to use your credit. If you purchase a reading and wait in the queue, you can leave without losing your credit. You’ll be able to try again later. You can also wait as long as you like in the queue, and your reader will come to chat with you when they finish readings with those ahead of you in line.

If your credit has disappeared because of a long wait time, incomplete reading or other technical error, it should be returned to your account automatically, though there may be a delay of a few minutes. If it does not return within a few minutes, please email us at help@sanctuaryworld.co and we’ll be able to sort out your credit.


What do you “read” in a psychic reading?

When we say “reading” we are talking about a 1-on-1 live reading with a Sanctuary psychic reader. When done through the Sanctuary app, this is a live text-based chat with a real expert psychic reader. In your conversation with the reader, you will be asked questions.o your best to give honest answers so your reader can offer guidance and insight.

A psychic reading is reading the energy of you, a situation, a relationship, or an event in the present time. Anything beyond present time is determined by your free will. A reading focuses on making this energy available to you to have a conversation about that energy. Our job is to empower you to find your own truth and help you understand your own questions and energy, and where they will lead you going forward.

Can they be done remotely?

Yes! All readings are done through the Sanctuary app via text and can be done anywhere with a Wi-Fi or data connection. Whether you're at home or on the go, your readers are available anytime the app is open.

What can I generally expect in a psychic reading?

Good conversation, openness from our readers, and an assessment of your energy as it is in the present moment. Based on that, our readers can help you direct your energy and make plans for your future.

What general information do I need to give to my psychic reader?

Your name and birth chart info are available for all of our readers to see, but you can provide more contextual information like how you're feeling or what questions or concerns you have. The more you give, the more information your reader has to help guide their insight.

Can my reader predict the future, or see what I am manifesting right now?

Your psychic readings are based on your energy right now, at this moment. If you want to discuss the specifics of your plans or intentions, your psychic reader can help you address how those things match up with your energy, process how discussing those topics affects your energy, and look toward potential outcomes and impacts.

What is the best type of question to ask?

Psychic readings are meant to be used for processing and understanding where you are and what you are going through at this moment. You can help yourself and your reader to create a great reading experience by first thinking about the part of your life you want to focus on, like love, career, your life path, or a specific moment, event, or relationship. Once you have a topic, you can narrow the scope of the reading further by engaging your curiosity about that part of your life to form a question. Some great questions to bring to your psychic reader are:

What does it help with?

Psychic readings can help you to find clarity, process emotions, set intentions, and plan for the future you want to create! The more you bring to the table, the more you'll gain from the experience.

Can readings become emotional?

They can be, but a reader is there to help and process what's on your mind, not to make you feel overwhelmed or anxious. Talking through how the conversation is making you feel in addition to the questions you are discussing is an important part of an intuitive reading, and that information can help your reader give you a more accurate reading.


How do you read my cards?

When you connect with a Sanctuary tarot reader through the app, they will pull the cards for you and display them for you in the chat-based reading. Different readers have different techniques, but many will talk to you about the archetypes, imagery, and developments that each card may mean in your life.

What kind of tarot deck do you use?

The cards that appear in the Sanctuary app are from the Rider-Waite Tarot deck, originally drawn by illustrator Pamela Coleman Smith in the early 20th century. This deck is the most widely available and recognized, so it might look familiar to you!

What's a tarot reading and why should I get one?

When we say “reading” we are talking about a 1-on-1 live reading with a Sanctuary tarot reader. When done through the Sanctuary app, this is a live text-based chat with a real expert tarot reader. In your conversation with the reader, they will explain the meaning behind the cards they pull and show for you and help you navigate what that means for you. Looking at the cards, they can share insights about the order, arrangement, and connections between them. This is like a much more complex, information-rich version of what you get in your daily horoscope, complete with a detailed analysis in the context of your unique questions or situations.

What's the best way to learn?

One of the simplest ways to start is with a daily tarot card pull! Developing a relationship with the cards individually, you can gradually build your experience with them over time. And you don't even need a deck to do it! You can get a tarot pull in the Sanctuary app for free, every day.

What is the connection between tarot and astrology?

Occult symbolism and traditions stem from all over the world, and they experience a great deal of overlap. The two systems don't overlap perfectly, but tarot and astrology share many references and numerical significances, called correspondences, and many of our readers are practiced in both! There's more insight to be gained when you look at a problem through both lenses.

What questions are usually best to ask?

Tarot cards are meant to be used for specific reflection, and the most useful readings are ones that are focused on a specific concern or question. You can help yourself and your reader to create a great reading experience by first thinking about the part of your life you want to focus on, like love, career, your life path, or a specific moment, event, or relationship. Once you have a topic, you can narrow the scope of the reading further by engaging your curiosity about that part of your life to form a question. Some great questions to bring to our tarot readers are:

Are there some tarot cards that are "bad" or negative to get in a reading?

All cards are neutral, but some cards indeed refer to more painful or difficult moments than others. That's true of life too! It would be impossible for a tarot deck to be truthful if all its messages were sunshine and optimism, but there's no single card that is all wonderful or all negative. No matter the card, it holds a lesson, a moment of reflection, a naming and validating of a particular experience. You can trust our readers to help you navigate even the most challenging of cards.

Is it possible to pull the wrong card?

There's no such thing as a "wrong" or "bad" tarot card to pull. Every card is meant to speak to you and prompt reflection; that's how the cards were designed. Even cards that fall out of the deck by accident can give you insight. (Thanks, universe!) Most importantly, every card that you or a reader pull is a chance to learn something new. If our readers pull something for you in a reading, it's something you were meant to hear!

Is it true that you can't buy your own deck, someone has to gift it to you?

There is no cosmic rule that says you can't buy your own tarot deck. Many tarot readers and enthusiasts collect tarot decks. What is most important is that the deck you use feels the most like an extension of you. Every deck is a little different, so don’t be afraid to try out as many decks as you like, or use different decks for different purposes!

Can tarot cards predict the future?

No form of divination can paint a perfect picture of the future. And would you really want to know exactly what the future holds? Tarot is most powerful when addressing the present moment, so you can adjust your perception of the past and future accordingly.


What do I do if I don’t have my birth time?

We know not everyone has a birth time handy. If you can’t check your birth certificate or ask a parent, there’s still useful information in your chart! Our astrologers can still give you a reading, it just won’t be as specific or accurate. For instance, an astrologer won’t be able to tell you what your rising sign is but can discuss most of your other signs with certainty.

Why would my moon and rising signs be different in different apps?

There are a couple of reasons why your signs can change from app to app. There are a lot of different approaches and systems to astrology, with different ways of calculating and discussing the signs. We use the Placidus system and assume daylight savings time was established at the time you were born (even though it started in 1973.) We’re always working on refining our birth chart calculations, so if you have the correct birth time and are sure there’s something funky going on, feel free to shoot us an email at help@sanctuaryworld.co and we can use that info to improve!

I don’t understand what sun, moon, and rising signs are.

These three placements are the most important for learning about your chart as you start your astrology journey. Astrologers call them your “big three,” because they have a big impact on how you express yourself! They are a great starting point to use when you discuss your birth chart. You can identify them and find more about them for free in the app in your profile and in the Guides library.

Are cusps a thing? I hear about them a lot.

Even though astrology isn’t quite a science, it does rely enormously on maps and math. Signs are calculated in precise segments that correspond to a map of the sky as it was when you were born. Where the sun was located in the sky is where your sign is, period! The moment the sun changes signs is calculated down to the minute. When you break astrology down into its mathematics, there’s no room for cusps. The sun might be in Aries one second and move into Taurus the next. That said, if you relate strongly to your next-door neighbor sun sign, you likely have it as a moon or rising sign (or even another spot somewhere important in your chart!

Is it normal to have so many different signs in your chart?

Yes! Your chart is a complex array of planets, signs, and more. Here’s a not-so-secret secret: everyone has all 12 signs present in their chart, even you. How is that possible? Well, you’ve got ten planets plus your rising sign, which give you a handful of signs. Everyone also has 12 houses in their chart, which are each ruled by a sign when creating a birth chart. The planets sit in those twelve zones, but even if there’s no planet in that slot, there’s still the interactions of the way the 12 signs line up with the 12 houses, and that has a big impact on your chart! Sounds like a lot? We know, that’s why we built a library full of Guides you can check out in the app for free! If you have specific questions about your birth chart, that’s exactly why our astrologers are here for readings.

What's an astrology reading and why should I get one?

When we say "reading" we are talking about an astrological birth chart reading. When done through the Sanctuary app, this is a live text-based chat with a real expert astrologer. In your conversation with the astrologer, they will explain the meaning behind the important parts of your birth chart and help you navigate how that impacts your life. Looking at your birth chart, they can share insights about the planet’s positions at the exact moment of your birth. This is like a much more complex, information-rich version of what is in your Sanctuary profile, complete with dates and detailed analysis in the context of your unique planetary arrangement.

A birth chart contains information about all areas of your life, from your career and your romantic journey to how you relate to family, your home, and your path through life. You can delve into what that all means by examining how the planets’ positions and interactions have shaped your personality, motivations, and desires. There’s an enormous amount of info there, which is why we think it’s best navigated with the help of an expert astrologer. An astrologer can also tell you about any upcoming planetary movements that could affect you in the future.

If you want to learn more about your chart in general, your astrologer can give you insights about what’s special, unique, or exciting about your chart (and by extension, you!)
Here are some examples of the types of questions an astrologer can use as a guide for your birth chart reading:

Your Purchases

How much does a reading cost?

Our live readings vary in cost depending on what kind of reading you are interested in. For new users, we offer a 5-minute introductory live chat reading for your first $4.99 for astrology, tarot, and psychic readings. Introductory readings can only be purchased once. After that, you’ll be able to choose the price of your reading based on the reader, type of reading, and length of time. Once you’ve confirmed all these choices, you’ll be able to review the total price and confirm or exit without charge. We sell readings in 10, 15, 20, 30, 45 and 60 minute minute increments. At the end of your reading, you’ll be offered the chance to extend for an additional length of time of your choosing. We are not able to charge you unless you confirm the payment after viewing the total price, so there are no surprise charges, and no recurring charges if you are not an existing member with a subscription package. Note that if you live outside the US, the prices you see will be slightly different due to exchange rates.

Did your pricing change?

We’ve recently changed how we offer readings, so here’s a quick rundown on how our pricing works. For your first reading, we’ve introduced a new $4.99 for 5 minute introductory offer to make it easy to try your first birth chart reading with a reader. With this offer, you can try out the service, meet our expert readers, and get a taste of what a birth chart, psychic, or tarot reading can offer. If you enjoy your reading, you can continue it for the full price cost. Pricing per minute for a full price reader varies depending on the type of reading and reader’s expertise and experience. Pricing is always displayed on the reader’s profile, and the total price is displayed before you confirm your purchase. We think you’ll love it, and we love connecting people with readers and opening up the world of astrology, tarot, and psychic insights!

If you currently have credits in the app from previous purchases, you will be able to use them for readers with that price point. Your available credits will display when you are viewing a reader’s full profile. Please note that all credits, new and old, expire if unused after 30 days.

Why do I have to pay for my reading?

You know the saying: you get what you pay for! Our team works hard to bring you lots of free content in our app, like free daily horoscopes, daily tarot pull, our library of astrology content, and your profile. But we charge for the various readings we offer for a few reasons, and we think it’s important to point them out.

The number one reason is that the astrologers, tarot readers, and psychics you chat with are real people, with real expertise and training. The service they provide is entirely customized to you and your chart, cards, or energy — something no chart generator or search engine can provide. They’ve spent lots of time and energy studying so they can be knowledgeable, helpful, and quick in your conversation. Experts aren’t free! And even astrologers and tarot readers need to pay rent.

The other reason readings cost money is because the app and its content - from the daily horoscopes to the daily tarot readings to the library - are also written by experts. And there’s a whole team that puts together the app, answers your customer service questions, and keeps in touch on social media. Your reading purchases make all of that possible.

What if I’m not happy with the reading I received?

We want you to be happy with your reading experience, and are happy to address issues via our customer service at help@sanctuaryworld.co. Once we have received this information, we will review your request and work with you to resolve the issue. Please note, we reserve the right to either first credit you for your session, or refund you in full or partially. In addition, we also reserve the right to refuse a refund.

Note: All refund requests must be submitted within 2 days of the end of the session. In your refund request you must include the session's date and fee, reader’s name, and the reason for your request.

At the moment, we cannot issue refunds through the app due to the limitations of the app stores. However, you can always use your app store for your device to apply for a reading, and we’re happy to walk you through the process. If you are using the app on an iOS device, you may request a refund through Apple’s App Store. It is Apple’s policy to handle all transactions. Here is the link to their instructions to file for a refund: click here If you are using the app on an Android device, you may request a refund through the Google Play Store. It’s Google’s policy to handle all transactions. Here is the link to the instructions to file for a refund: click here

Our Team

What are the Sanctuary team’s signs?

We're a small team but we love to compare charts. You can check out all of our big three signs here:

CEO: Leo Sun, Capricorn Moon, Scorpio Rising CONTENT: Gemini Sun, Pisces Moon, Leo Rising COPY: Aquarius Sun, Aries Moon, Virgo Rising DESIGN: Pisces Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising ENGINEERING: Sagittarius Sun, Sagittarius Moon, Scorpio Rising GROWTH: Cancer sun, Capricorn moon, Scorpio rising OPERATIONS: Aries Sun, Scorpio Moon, Leo Rising

What are your readers' qualifications?

Our astrologers, tarot readers, and psychics are experienced readers who study on their own or with a teacher before they begin working with us. We vetted these talented experts with a mixture of testing, interviews, and in-house training. Plus, we work with our readers on an ongoing basis to maintain consistency and best practices to make sure your reading is the best and most helpful it can be, no matter what Sanctuary expert you speak to.

How can readers join the team?

While we’re not currently hiring new members to our team, we’re always happy to hear from astrologers, tarot readers, and psychics who are interested in working with us. You can email us at bestenergies@sanctuaryworld.co to learn more about potential opportunities with Sanctuary.

My question isn’t answered here!

If you need help with issues you’ve encountered in the app, the best way to reach us is from inside the app: just go to your profile, click the gear in the upper right-hand corner for your “Settings,” and scroll down to “Support”. Clicking that will help you send an email directly to our team.

If you can’t do that, just shoot us an email at help@sanctuaryworld.co and we’ll get back to you ASAP. We’re always available to answer questions and talk to potential partners via our general contact email at info@sanctuaryworld.co as well!