Rolling the dice for your desires? You’re playing the game of love as relationship-planet Venus enters extravagant Leo. You’ll gamble with your heart if the potential for a great romance is on the table. Whether a current crush leads to a fling or something more, passion is your pursuit!


Showing up for those who show up for you? Love is found close to home as Venus enters Leo! As Venus transits your zone of family and roots, give thanks for your “people”. Celebrate those who make you feel safe to express your authentic self.


Sharing passionate sentiments? Words of affirmation are your love language as Venus enters lavish Leo! Grand romantic gestures feature in the coming weeks. Compliments help you penetrate another’s tough exterior. They’re also the way into YOUR heart!


As Venus enters demonstrative Leo, we show, rather than tell, our feelings. Romance is an investment we want to protect! In the coming weeks, we seek to validate others and be appreciated in return. Money doesn’t buy love, but it does buy presents and flowers!


Feeling yourself? Venus enters Leo today, amping up your magnetic charms. Eager love interests are queuing for your attention! This is no time to chase! Let admirers come to you. You deserve to be wooed. In the meantime, woo yourself with a wardrobe upgrade or glow-up.


Hidden feelings? Attractions blossom behind the scenes as Venus enters romantic Leo and your zone of secrets. You may not be ready to publicly reveal a love interest. That’s okay! As long as everyone involved is having a good time, it’s no one else’s business.


Blossoming friendships? Your clique receives some new additions as Venus enters fun-loving Leo! Their energy livens up the party. The coming weeks are full of networking opportunities and social events. Someone you once saw in a purely platonic light may become something more.


Accepting credit? Venus enters attention-seeking Leo today, spotlighting professional accomplishments. You’re making an impression where it counts. Capitalize on this auspicious cosmic weather. Ask for a raise. Use your influence to sway public opinion. Work your magnetism to get an audience with those at the top!


Is passion changing your perspective? Love is an adventure as Venus enters expressive Leo! Opening your mind opens your heart. Romance can be found in new places, or with people from different backgrounds. Trade in your “type” and try your luck on something new.


Is it getting hot in here? Love-planet Venus enters Leo and your zone of intimacy today. Prepare for steamy encounters! Passion is transformative in the coming weeks. But will you drop your guard and really let someone in? You’ll never know what this could be if you don’t take a chance.


Creating a connection? As love-planet Venus enters Leo and your partnership zone, you’re seeking harmony in romance. For the right person, you’ll compromise. Luckily, those who you attract now share your priorities: freedom, creativity, and authentic self-expression!


Feeling good about your work? Venus enters Leo today, boosting your confidence on the job. Office relationships run smoothly. Your attitude is gregarious and helpful. Your skills and talents make you an asset. Superiors recognize your contributions and offer rewards.


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