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astrology, tarot
Readings: 5747
Joined: 2019
A professional astrologer with 25 yrs practicing nutrition, herbology and energy healing, I have an affinity for remediation and finding solutions for challenging situations. Do you struggle with knowing your ...
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psychic, tarot
Readings: 914
Joined: 2022
Hey! I'm Natalie. I'm an intuitive healer, magician/mystic, meditation teacher and wellbeing coach of 10 years experience with a deep connection to the tarot and a gift for facilitating people on ...
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psychic, energy healing, past life, mediumship
Readings: 854
Joined: 2023
Greetings! I'm here to help you understand daily challenges. With swift typing, direct questions with names are my forte. I'm an intuitive astrologer and psychic, focused on authenticity. I value ...
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